Free Flow


Since 2016, Camera F has independently created a dozen exhibitions.


The idea is to continue with the tradition without programming them, that is, exhibiting the result of a research when it has reached sufficient maturity. The incubation and communication of projects does not take place on a mandate but following the creative flow. The exhibitions carried out are all the fruit of spontaneously emerging collaborations interspersed with personal exhibitions of the resident artist of Camera F. The space has also hosted numerous meetings between local artists and other cultural operators.


From 2021 it is planned to establish a cultural association, the space is therefore gearing up to be able to offer continuity in its offer.


Expo # 1 - Barcodes

Expo # 2 - De Rerum Naturae

Expo # 3 - Exposition en temps irréel

Expo # 4 - Pedestrian Flow

Expo # 5 - Kintsugi

Expo # 6 - Gothic Eiffel

Expo # 7 - La vie en filtre

Expo # 8 - Next (Not a Red Dot City?)





Image taken from a presentation of the Barcodes photographic project.