Between Colture and Culture

Cult² is an initiative to create a  reconnection platform with the vast world of fermentation as a response to the climate emergency.


Fermentation is culture.

At the same time, culture consists of the totality of everything that human beings try to transmit di 

generation after generation; including language, music, art, scientific knowledge, as well as agriculture and culinary techniques. By its nature, culture exists within communities. Cult² is committed to culture, in all its senses.


Everything we eat comes from the interactions we have with our community, but industrial production and mass distribution have distanced us from the genuineness of this culture.


With Cult² we want to bring to the attention of the public the countless and mostly forgotten fermentation processes (cultures) that have allowed man to evolve up to the present day.


We want to increase what allows us to reduce the distance between us and food production, both to improve public health and to maintain natural biodiversity . 


Fermentation puts us in contact with the environment, the community and nature. It (re) connects us with a large biological network that we already belong to.

Fermentation can fundamentally change the way the world eats and improve human health, the environment and the economy.


For 2023 Cult² wants to activate a dissemination program starting with some public meetings with the main players in the fermentation scene together with other specialists in innovative sectors and researchers in neuroscience.



Program of intent and possible activities.


C² Talks

The main events will relate fermentation to culture, design, food, economy and the environment.


C² Festival 

Cult² could gather in a festival by activating strategic collaborations with supporters.


C² Community

Cult² has the ambition to forge further connections with a growing community of stakeholders involved in fermentation, health and sustainability.


C² Market 

The festival will also collaborate with local producers to have a market, a food space.


For info write to:

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